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The bailiffs and courthouse security deputies are directly responsible for the security of the judges, maintaining order in the five courtrooms located in the courthouse. Their duties include monitoring video cameras strategically placed throughout the building, guarding of prisoners who have been brought to the courthouse for trial, monitoring and controlling the numerous security doors throughout the building which are locked and unlocked with electronic locks, and manning the metal detectors at the entrance to the building. Most of these duties are carried out from a control room in a secure area of the building.

The following items are prohibited from the Courthouse:

  • Guns
  • Sharp objects including knives of any sort, razors, box cutters, scissors, sewing/knitting needles, fingernail files or any tool or object deemed by the sheriff’s staff or judges to be a possible weapon
  • Mace and chemical spray
  • Cameras, unless approved by the Judge
  • Recording devices/radios, unless approved by the Judge
  • Cell phones are not permitted inside the Courthouse

For any further information, please contact the Sheriff’s Office, Courthouse Security Division at (757) 890-4195.


Code of Virginia
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