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Marriage Licenses

WHERE OBTAINED: A license for marriage in Virginia is issued by the clerk or deputy clerk of a circuit court in any county or city in the State of Virginia.  The ceremony may be performed anywhere in the State.  Applicants must, under oath, furnish information required to complete the marriage record, i.e., name, age, address, social security number, place of birth, parents’ names including the mothers’ maiden name.  The applicant may be subject to prosecution for perjury for  providing false information.

TIME LIMITATIONS:  The marriage may be performed immediately and must be performed within 60 days after the license is issued.

AGE REQUIREMENT: The minimum age at which persons may marry shall be 18, unless a minor has been emancipated by court order. Upon application for a marriage license, an emancipated minor shall provide a certified copy of the order of emancipation.

WHO MAY PERFORM THE CEREMONY: A minister of any religious denomination who has obtained authorization from a circuit court in Virginia to celebrate the rites of matrimony or a person appointed by a circuit court in Virginia to perform civil marriage ceremonies.

FEE: $30.00.  Checks payable to the York County – Poquoson Circuit Court and VISA and MasterCard are accepted. A 4% convenience fee or $2.00, whichever is greater, will be charged for all credit card transactions.

COPIES OF MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: After the marriage certificate has been returned by the officiant, certified copies may be obtained from the clerk who issued the license for a fee of $2.50 each.